Matthieu Devuyst makes violins, violas and Cello of the highest quality. The Italian violin-makers of the 17th and 18th centuries are his main source of inspiration.

For eight years he worked at the Machold workshops in Bremen and Vienna, where he restored, repaired, maintained and adjusted instruments of famous Italian violin-makers (Stradivarius, Guarnerius, Guadagnini...). It gave him the opportunity to learn and understand what gave these magnificent instruments their great acoustic and visual qualities.

Born in Brussels, Matthieu Devuyst started his apprenticeship at the School of Violin Making of Mirecourt, in France and later studied at Newark in England where he obtained the” Upper Merit” distinction.

For Matthieu Devuyst , professionalism and mastery are always linked and therefore every stage in the violin making process is important.
In first place come frequent personal contacts with the musicians to make sure that the instruments will meet all their requirements and expectations.
Then comes the choice of the instrument. It is made with great care because the model has a lot of influence on the type of resonance (tone).
The differente types of wood, spruce from northern Italy and maple from Bosnia are carefully selected by him to obtain very specific acoustics. He prepares the varnish himself inspired by the recipes of the Italian masters of violinmaking.
And finally, the last stage is the tuning of the instrument to adapt it to the musician’s taste.

The result of Matthieu Devuyst’s commitment to his work is his instruments’ fine qualities of subtlety and purity of sound, their powerful and present resonance, with a richness of timbre and a very clear and precise articulation.
All of the above has earned him the trust of many musicians, who use his instruments for chamber music, orchestra and as soloists.